Sunrise at Pawleys Island Beach – August 2017

For each of the past ten years, Marie and I have vacationed for a week or two at #PawleysIsland in South Carolina with our good friends Laurie and Dorothy and their family, with our family or with both.  The tempo of life at Pawleys Island is just what we need to slow down, relax, read a good book, and enjoy the great company of family and friends.   There are no high rise buildings,  no huge crowds, no putt putt golf, no horrendous traffic jams or other stuff like that – that can all be found just 45 minutes north in Myrtle Beach. 

Every time we are there I am reminded of going to the beach when I was a kid in the 1950s and 1960s.  There are beach cottages/houses, kids playing and laughing, loggerhead turtle nests, and cocktail hour on the beach.  The rhythm of the island is like that of the tides; steady, predictable and enjoyable.  We have met some people who vacation the same weeks we do each year, so we now have friends from Virginia and West Virginia. 

Our annual August trip was different this year for two reasons.  First, the while we were there we experienced the Great Solar Eclipse that I have written about previously.  We were in the “zone of totality” and the natural spectacle was incredible and defies description.  For most of the eclipse we just watched in wonder.  For just a few seconds I snapped a couple of pictures – all I can say is that they don’t do it justice.

The Great Solar Eclipse – Pawleys Island, SC – August 22, 2017 / Steve Swope

The second thing that made this year’s trip so very different happened the very day we arrived at the beach house we have stayed in for the past five years, Casa Up/Casa Down.  After unpacking, settling in with our daughter and her family, and opening a bottle of wine, Marie looked around the room and said to my surprise, “Steve, why don’t we just buy this place?”  That simple question started us on a brief quest to find out if buying Casa Up/Casa Down would make any sense whatsoever.  After looking into the rental history, anticipated expenses, and a host of other things we decided to at least make an offer.  It was accepted and on September 15th we became the owners of the 8 bedroom and 7 bathroom, Casa Up/Casa Down.  Beached…from a simple question!

I have already been asked if we are thinking about a permanent move to the beach.  As tempting as it is, our roots are very deep here in Newnan; so no move for now.  We look forward to more frequent trips to Pawleys for beach, golf and fun.

Without resorting to a shameless sales pitch, I will say we have a great place!  For anyone interested in getting their toes in the sand at Pawleys Island, the company that manages Casa Up / Casa Down for us is Lachicotte (  They do a great job and we would be pleased to have you as our guests and welcome your feedback on our new beach home.  





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