Christina Gross – Best Mother-In-Law Ever

My dear loving mother-in-law pictured with my wife to be in 1956 and at her 50th wedding anniversary. She left this world on Sunday for eternal life with God as she was destined to be from birth. No man has had a sweeter and more loving mother-in-law than me. Christina was cheerful, supportive, kind, and loving during the 49 years we knew each other.

She was fun, kind, but a killer at Pinochle and would not let you slip anything past her. I will miss her greatly as will her husband Ben, her six living children and her grand and great-grand children.

Christina was a woman of faith and I know that she is in the arms of God, ready to intercede for us. God bless you Christina. Your husband, children, grand and great grand children will miss you. Speaking for Elizabeth, Kim, Maricela, and me as in-laws, we will miss you as much as we miss a mother. You were that for us and we are grateful. Rest In peace dear mother.

Morality – A Complex Matter


I have been asked to conduct a two part session on Christian, specifically Catholic Christian morality.  Many people feel that the Catholic Church has an extensive set of rules – the do this and don’t do that list – that governs morality.  That is not the case.  I will post an audio of the two sessions once they are finished.  Below is an overview of what will be covered in the class: Continue reading “Morality – A Complex Matter”

This Must End

PA Crisis

As a Roman Catholic and an ordained Deacon of the Church I am appalled by the enormity of the abuse done to innocent children and young people revealed in the Grand Jury report from Pennsylvania.  I am outraged that the Bishops were complicit in this evil by covering up the abuse and allowing it to continue. Certainly these eight dioceses are not the only ones with this abhorrent behavior.

It is clear that the attempt at reforms done in 2002 are not enough.  There are still too many men who perpetrated these immoral and criminal actions in active ministry.  I addressed this topic in my homily yesterday.  It is clear to me that the laity must force reform and take an active role in directing it.  The abuse, coverups and lack of transparency cannot and should not be tolerated.  My homily is below and on my Homilies and Talks page:



Southside Ultreya Address – Summer 2018

UltreyaLast evening I gave a talk to the Atlanta Southside Ultreya gathering.  I was asked by several members of that group to post my remarks so that others in their group could hear them.  The talk can be found here: Southside Ultreya TalkIt was an honor to be asked to address this wonderful group.