Southside Ultreya Address – Summer 2018

UltreyaLast evening I gave a talk to the Atlanta Southside Ultreya gathering.  I was asked by several members of that group to post my remarks so that others in their group could hear them.  The talk can be found here: Southside Ultreya TalkIt was an honor to be asked to address this wonderful group.

The Passion of the Christ in Faith and Art

The Taking of Christ by Caravaggio

We are conducting a program about the Passion of the Christ in Faith and Art at St. Mary Magdalene in Newnan.  I am doing the “faith” part and Mrs. Carol Toole is doing the “art” part.  We are having fun and hopefully the attendees are learning something too!!  The presentation for Session #2 is at this link: Passion of Christ in Faith and Art – Session 2.