#NewnanStrong after EF4 Tornado

I noted earlier that our town was hit by a massive tornado on the night of March 25/26, 2021. In this insightful video, Trey Duffey has captured perfectly the spirit and resiliency of the town that we live in. We will make it through this difficult time and come out stronger!

Trey describes the town and video this way:

“…it’s a different kind of strong. It’s a friend kind of strong. A family strong. A ‘thicker than water’ kind of strong. It’s Newnan Strong.”

The Sunday after the tornado hit Newnan, I sat down and thought about the community that I’ve come to know and love over the past 9 years. This town is where I’ve found lifelong friends, made huge life decisions, worked my first job out of college, started a business, and met my wife.

I wanted something that represented more than the devastation and wreckage that so many people experienced a few weeks ago, so I started digging. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects in Coweta County, and I think the culmination of them represent what our community really is….something much bigger than a storm.

My hope was to show the faces of individuals who represent what Newnan Strong means. Teachers, Non-profits, First-Responders, Administrators, Homeowners, the list could go on. Just know they are a small (and in many ways a huge) representation of the response that has gone on in Newnan the past few weeks.

I’m proud to call Newnan home.

EF 4 Tornado in My Hometown of Newnan

Last Friday at around 12:30am an EF 4 tornado ripped through my hometown of Newnan, Georgia. Emergency responders, electric crews, charities and citizen volunteers have spent a week struggling to begin to clean up our town.

With over 1,500 homes significantly damaged or destroyed, we have an acute homeless problem. Newnan High School is damaged, perhaps beyond any hope of repair. Charities are working to keep up with the need for food, water, and other necessities.

A lot of work is being done to address the short term needs but those soon will transition to medium and longer term needs stretching into 2022 and 2023. We are in for a long recovery.