Southern Baptists Support Refugee Resettlement

Delegates praying at the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis. (Jeff Robertson/AP)
In opposition to Donald Trump’s constant rhetoric against refugees, the SBC has chosen Christianity xenophobic  nationalism and called for an increase in refugee resettlement in the United States.  The Catholic Church and the Southern Baptists stand in solidarity on this and many other issues.  Read more: SBC Split with Trump

A Refugee “Do Unto Others” Story

A 1945 photo of a Greek refugee camp in Nuseirat, southern Palestine (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration)

From 1940-1945 the countries of the Middle East accepted refugees fleeing war torn Europe.   It does not seem too much to ask that the same generosity now be extended to war refugees from the Middle East fleeing toward Europe.
The full, mostly forgotten story is here.

Refugees Risk Death for Freedom and Peace

Pope Francis holds a used life vest. (Gregorio Borgio/Reuters)

In the past six days over 700 people, real humans with lives, families and dreams have died seeking refuge from war and pesecution. I have been asked if refugees are crazy for trying to escape or if they are a threat.  The answer is clear, only someone who is desperate would risk death to escape the violence of their home country.  Crazy people wouldn’t be rational enough to leave and terrorists would be crazy to take a high risk, Continue reading “Refugees Risk Death for Freedom and Peace”

CRS Syrian Refugee Update

CRS Global Emergency Snapshot May 2016
Rama attends the CRS-supported Latin School of Naour in Amman, Jordan, part of the CRS outreach to Syrian refugees.  Photo by Oscar Durand/CRS

It is easy to think of people we do not know as being strangers or the “other.”  I was struck by something that  Abraham Maslow said.  He believes that humans have an intense need to belong, to have a sense of community with one another – in Church speak we call it solidarity.  Believing that at our core we are all humans in one human family.  This explains our common need to be part of families and bonds created in organizations ranging from the workplace to fraternal associations to platoons.  Those refugees suffering a half a world away Continue reading “CRS Syrian Refugee Update”

Presentation on Rufugee Crisis

  Tomorrow Wednesday, February 17th at St. George Catholic Church in Newnan I will be giving a presentation about my recent trip to the Balkans where I met with refugees from the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be Stations of the Cross at 6:00 pm and the class will begin at 7:00 pm.   Everyone is welcome!

I hope you can make some or all of these events part of your Lent this year.

St. Louis Review – Priest Moved by Meeting Refugees

The St. Louis Review has an excellent article about our Catholic Relief Services trip to the Balkans to meet with the refugees from the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.  The article is Fr. Ron Chochol’s perspective on the situation.  I’ve had the great pleasure of traveling with Fr. Ron on CRS trips to Kenya (in 2014) and to the Balkans this year.  I trust you will find his observations very worthwhile. 

St. Louis Review – Priest Moved by Meeting Refugees

The #RefugeeCrisis will last a long time.