Our CRS Global Fellows Delegation

At some point in the past week I should have introduced our Catholic Relief Services Global Fellows Delegation to the Balkans.  So, here they are:

(Left to Right) – Mr. Nikos Voutsinos of Caritas Athens, Deacon Thomas Aumen, Fr. Martin Boylan, Deacon Joe Guiliano, Deacon Steve Swope, Fr. Ron Chochol, Deacon Scott Haner, Deacon Don Weigel, Deacon Bill Hampton, Ms. Erin Mackey – Not Pictured is Mikaele Sansone, she is behind the camera.
We have seen quite a bit over the past week.  Below are some pictures of the refugees and the work we have seen taking place in the Balkans.  A story about one of the refugees we met will appear on Sunday.  Be sure to check back for that!

Refugees arriving at the port in Athens.

Deacon Tom plays with some children at the Caritas Soup Kitchen.

Refugees arrive at the temporary rest stop in Serbia and prepare to enter Croatia

A family boards the train from Serbia to Croatia – note the smiles on the parents.  Another country closer to a new life.

One thought on “Our CRS Global Fellows Delegation

  1. Cousin Steve, I learned of your trip to the Balkans through Marie on Facebook. I just wanted to say Donald and I are very proud of you for opening your heart and mind in such a way. We’ve watched this humanitarian crisis unfold with heavy hearts and have been dismayed that so many have turned their backs and closed their doors to these people -despite their Christian duty. These words of Christ seem fitting here: “whatsoever you do, to the least of my people, that shall be done unto you.”


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