An Interpreter and a Baby’s Life

Deacon Scott Haner is a CRS Global Fellow who was part of our delegation.  He provides this story that he heard from aid workers near the Serbia-Croatia border:

Nejra Hodzurda is an interpreter in Serbia who works with refugees to explain next steps and offer necessary assistance. It gives great comfort and reduces anxiety for refugees to speak with someone who knows their language. 

 A woman who was more than 7 months pregnant, came to the bus to train transfer station feeling a great deal of pain. She assumed it was from the stress of the journey. Taida urged her to go to medical room where after a quick examination it was determined a more thorough exam was needed.  The doctors in the clinic arranged to transport her to a local hospital. After an ultrasound was done, the mother was informed she would have a daughter soon.  Her medical condition was treated and after a few days rest she was given medicine for the onward trip.  

The new mother was so grateful for the assistance; she promised to name her baby girl Nejra after the interpreter. The actions by Nejra saved the life of the baby and possibly the mother.  For Nejra it was just another day caring for people in need, for the woman it meant life itself.

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