Children are the Same Everywhere


One thing that is constant in the world is that despite troubles and hardships, children are always ready to play and exhibit joy.  When we arrived at the Serbian rest area where refugees are held waiting for the train to Croatia we spotted a Caritas volunteer blowing soap bubbles for the kids.  What did the kids do?   The same thing that all kids in the world do, they chased them, popped them and laughed with glee.    Even the 10-13 year olds got in the action.  
The time that these volunteers spend with the children affords their parents time to rest, plan and discuss their status with the lawyers and consultants provided by Caritas and the Balkans Centre for Migration, supported by Catholic Relief Services.  This is actually therapy for the children too since they have spent days on end on buses, trains and boats.  Hopefully this little break from what is essentially an adult life lets them be children for just a little while.  Their laughing and shouting is just what we would hear from our own children or grandchildren!

Peace –

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