Possible Ceasefire as Aleppo Almost Surrounded


In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian citizens gather at the scene where two blasts exploded in the pro-government neighborhood of Zahraa, in Homs province, Syria, Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016. Two blasts in the central Syrian city of Homs killed more than a dozen people and injured many others in the latest wave of violence to hit the city in recent weeks, state TV said. (SANA via AP)
 The breaking news this morning is that it is possible that a “Provisional Ceasefire” may be in reach in Syria’s civil war.  This comes just a few days after news reports of up to 50,000 more people fleeing Syria; many from Aleppo which is now almost completely surrounded by the Assad forces.  The announcement of the potential ceasefire came just hours ago: Provisional Ceasefire in Syria Possible.

Those remaining will depend on the ceasefire so that food and other humanitarian aid can be provided.  In this war, smaller towns and villages have been besieged and residents have starved. See this report for more on that: Syrians Starving.

The 50,000 (or more) Aleppo residents who have fled will join the long line of refugees that now stretches from Syria to Northern Europe. Humanitarian agencies like Catholic Relief Services, Caritas, Doctors Without Borders and others are working around the clock to help and protect our fellow human beings who are escaping war and persecution.  Their resources are not unlimited.  As part of your 2016 Lent and/or out of compassion for those in need consider giving to these agencies who are representing the best of Christianity and America.  @CatholicRelief #RefugeeCrisis

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