Couric Interview of Refugees Aided by Pope Francis

Katie Couric interviews two of the refugee families assisted by Pope Francis:

PBS NewsHour – Couric Interview with Refugees

Over the past few months I’ve been blogging about refugees who are fleeing war and persecution.  A dear friend of mine saw a PBS news report done by Katie Couric on the refugee families that were rescued by Pope Francis. She passed the information on to me so I could post a video of Couric’s report because, “basically she reiterated everything you have been saying… All they want is to make a living, send their children to school, have peace in Syria and go home. I thought it might be worth you trying to find it just to reinforce this is not just your opinion.”

Couric interviewed two families who were taken to Italy from Lesbos by Pope Francis.  In this very short video the families share with Couric their gratitude for their safety, the reasons they fled, and their efforts to integrate into Italian society.  It is worth watching.

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