Becoming a Fisher of…Fish!

Fishing 5
Even I can fly fish!

Recently a friend of mine said he regularly read my ramblings but wondered if I thought of much else other than the refugees in the Middle East and Europe.  I must admit my journey there made an impact but I do indeed have other thoughts.

Sometimes it is good to just get away with friends and do some new and different things to refresh and relax.  So, last week that is just what I did.  Four of us got away to Western North Carolina (no bathroom jokes please…) and learned how to fly fish.  It was an incredible experience and we had superb guides/patient instructors in Tom and Leyland.

Fishing 7
One of our guys, Laurie hooks a trout.

The fishing was all for trout and we caught a lot but most importantly we all learned a new skill, enjoyed the company of one another and told very true stories about the ones that got away.  It is a great way to escape the craziness of the media, political insanity, stress and worries.  I recommend it highly.  Did I mention that the four of us combined caught around 70-80 fish over three days?  It was all catch and release on barbless hooks – creating happy fishermen, happy game wardens and very happy fish!

Fishing 6
Happy Fisherman – me, our guide Leyland and Laurie

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