First Fruits

Purple Bumble Bee Tomatoes

There is just something wonderful about the first tomatoes from the garden each year.  These are the first of what promises to be a large crop from our garden.  Don’t let the green stripes fool you, that is what this variety looks like when they are fully ripe.  They are small, sweet and simply delightful.

With all of the madness of today’s world, Brexit, terror attacks and of course politics here in the U.S., it is nice that something is so very dependable, stable and excellent.  Seeds are planted in January, plants are transferred outside in April and tomatoes are ripe in late June or early July.  For me this sort of puts things in perspective; tomatoes have been growing for thousands of years and will hopefully continue for thousands more.  They simply obey Providence and it all just works out fine.  Maybe there is a lesson for us there.

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