Take the Last Train to Croatia…


Refugees on board thr train from Serbia to Croatia.
 Everyday there or three or four trains that run from Serbia into Croatia.  Each train can hold around 800 refugees. As you can see from the picture above, the people that make the train each day are overjoyed to be leaving another country behind them and moving closer to the safety of their final destination.these refugees have written and buses from Athens all the way to the Serbia- Croatia border.  They then take this train into Croatia. The train stops inside of a refugee camp and the refugees are not allowed freedom of movement within Croatia. After registering in Croatia, the refugees are put on buses that will take them to the border between Croatia and Slovenia where there is yet another refugee camp.

Beds provided by Doctors Without Borders.

Sometimes there are more refugees than available space on the train.  So that refugees don’t have to sleep outside in the winter weather, Doctors Without Borders has provided Caritas Serbia and Catholic Relief Services with two heated tents, each with 250 beds.  Refugees have the chance to sleep in a proper bed, get a hot meal and rest some during their journey.  The collaboration and cooperation between organizations like CRS, Caritas and Doctors Without Borders is seamless and goes a long way toward providing humanitarian aid and helping the refugees experience a small amount of comfort and dignity.


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