TED Talk: Our Refugee System is Failing

Alexander Betts is the director of the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.  In February of this year he gave an insightful TED Talk in Vancouver, Canada.  His talk is worth the 17 minutes you will need to listen to it:

Alexander Betts: Our Refugee System is Failing, Here’s How We Can Fix It

He critiques the European response to the current #RefugeeCrisis.  His critique could be applied to all countries around the world, including my own, the United States.  Mr. Betts offers some new ideas on dealing with the situation and some compelling information on how refugees can be a economic positive to their host countries.  He believes that refugee assimilation can occur and contributions by refugees can be significant.   He is correct, this crisis and other migrations will continue to take place.  Perhaps consideration of a new approach is worthwhile.


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