The Great Solar Eclipse: An Incredible Natural Show

No picture today; today is all about experience. This afternoon we witnessed a total solar eclipse in the United States. The next one that spans the entire country from east to west will not happen until 2045, when I will be just a youthful 89 years old.

With my family and work I’ve been fortunate to see many of our world’s amazing wonders. I’ve seen sunsets in Alaska, the Grand Canyon, India, Europe, Asia and around the world. I’ve seen been able to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, Bermuda and the Caribbean. I’ve watched sunrises in El Salvador, the Kenyan Rift Valley, the Pacific Coast Highway and the mountains of the Alps. I’ve seen volcanoes, blue skies and deep starry nights in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

What I saw today was one of the rarest, briefest and most enthralling things that I have ever seen. Marie and I, along with some dear friends were in the “Zone of Totality” at Pawleys Island, South Carolina. In a very short period of time we saw the moon inch its way across the sun, completely blocking the light for just over 2 1/2 minutes. Viewing the “totality” of the eclipse for that very small period of time was an incredible experience. The visual of the moon in front of the sun cannot be described in words and no pictures will do it justice; it is not to be seen or described but rather experienced. The mighty sun, center of our solar system trying to push its light through our small, cold, and dark moon gave us a glimpse into beauty, power and nature. The view is really beyond description.

For a moment it was possible to realize how very, very small we are; how very little we matter in the vast configuration of the universe. Yet we do matter, but perhaps not how we think. We have what are truly insane differences between countries, parties and tribes; yet the sun, earth and moon continue on their courses bringing us wondrous displays eon after eon, trying to remind us that every day is a gift, each is full of life, beauty, and love. Maybe that’s what we must learn. Maybe that is the essence of life and God. I hope by 2045 we can learn that lesson. Peace…

One thought on “The Great Solar Eclipse: An Incredible Natural Show

  1. enjoyed your interesting comment. Here in Buckeye it was as if a light/white cloud covered the sun. It was partly cloudy here. No darkness, as I experienced in Eastern Montana in either 1977 or possibly 1979. It got cold and was eerie, and dark.



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