#DeleteFacebook – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

From the March 24th cover of The Ecomomist

I have never been a big user of Facebook. I rarely posted to it and when I did it was simply a link to my blog. I almost never spent time reading posts on Facebook because a lot of them were political nonsense, silly memes or users shouting at each other.

The recent news that Facebook allowed the private information of over 50 million users to be compromised by Cambridge Analytica and thus various political campaigns show the firm’s lack of regard for the privacy. In addition, by its own admission, Facebook knowingly allowed Russian trolls to use its platform in their attempt to undermine America’s elections. Zuckerberg’s lukewarm and evasive responses to the firm’s many failings only serve to show how little he and his company care about personal and data privacy as well as the integrity of our country’s election process. Such a firm is not worthy of our support or participation, well at least not mine!

So, this is the last post you will see from me on Facebook. Within the next 24 hours I am going to #DeleteFacebook. Anyone who wishes to see what I am musing about online can find me on my website: http://www.DeaconsView.com, on Twitter @DeacSwope or by email at sswope@DeaconsView.com.

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